Adrian St. John is a songwriter, producer, and recording artist, heavily influenced by the American roots music traditions of country, blues, and rock n' roll. 

Adrian St. John prefers to let the music speak for itself.

Adrian St. John is the new lifeblood of America's musical roots. Bringing soul back to country, twang back to rock, and grit back to folk, "West" heralds the resurgence of Western music, and the return of the American songwriter.

West, the debut album from American singer-songwriter Adrian St. John, is at once a musical exploration of America's musical heritage and a meditation on the artist's personal history. With a lyrical style that has been described as cinematic and boldly tender, "West" is an artful metaphor that exposes the roots of an artist at the crux of her own destiny, and the loss of innocence that comes with the American western experience. A decidedly roots-rock album, "West" provides listeners with a fresh take on the quintessential aspects of country, rock, blues and folk. With enough soul to command the attention of purists, as well as newcomers to the Americana genre, Adrian St. John stakes her claim with an undeniably "Western" sound.

There’s no heroes, there’s no villains, each player is a cog; but hunger’s the difference between coyotes and dogs.
— Adrian St. John - The Lament of Clever Coyote